Our Mission

Our goal and purpose is to help make downtown Vegas a place of Inspiration, Entrepreneurial Energy, Creativity, Innovation, Upward Mobility, and Discovery, through the 3 C’s of Collisions, Co-learning, and Connectedness in a long-term, sustainable way.

Now that we are in year three of Downtown Project, we are owners and/or investors in over 300 businesses and legal entities which collectively employ more than 900 people. For many of our small businesses and tech companies, we are co-owners with the entrepreneurs that founded those companies. For operations that are 100% owned and operated by Downtown Project-affiliated entities, we directly employ over 300 people.

Companies we Invest & Co-Own

Here are examples of companies that we are investors in and co-owners of (how we are counting the 900 number):

Bin 702
The Bunkhouse Saloon
Big Ern’s BBQ
Kappa Toys
Grass Roots
Hydrant Club
Turntable Health / Iora
Life is Beautiful
Digital Royalty

Companies Owned & Operated

Here are examples of businesses that are 100% owned and operated by Downtown Project-affiliated entities:

Downtown Container Park (as landlord)
Gold Spike
The Perch
The Market
Oak & Ivy
9th Bridge School