Bite This Now: Flippin’ Good’s Eggnog Shake is Jolly Good

By Andrea Harward

‘Tis the season for celebrating and nothing says “holiday” like eggnog. Flippin’ Good honors this most wonderful time of the year with the release of their limited edition Eggnog Shake.

Their shake starts with a vanilla ice cream base that is joyfully blended with eggnog and spices then topped with a giant swirl of whipped cream and festive green and red sprinkles. Full of that undeniable ‘noggy’ flavor but not overpowered by spices, Flippin’ Good’s twist on the classic holiday beverage is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Available in 16 ounces ($4.35) and 24 ounces ($5.95), this decadent winter delight will fill your heart, and stomach, with jolliness. The Eggnog Shake will be nestled on the menu through the end of the holiday season. 

Flippin' Good Eggnog Shake

Flippin' Good Eggnog Shake