Bite This Now: The Cherry Pistachio Doughnut

What’s not to love about a doughnut? Deep-fried dough, custard fillings, cream fillings, fruit filings, maple, lemon, and chocolate glazes, icing drizzles, even sprinkles, all coming together to form a portable dessert that fits in the palm of your hand.

And while one can marvel at the beautiful simplicity of a plain doughnut bathed in a light sugary glaze, there's something downright magical about a specialty doughnut designed to be a gastronomic experience rather than a cheap treat to dip in your coffee.

O Face Doughnuts’ newest flavor creation is just that: pure magic. The Cherry Pistachio Doughnut ($2.25) is filled with fresh cherry compote, dunked into a pistachio-infused glaze, sprinkled with chopped pistachios, and topped with a chocolate-dipped cherry.

The cherry on top for this doughnut is literally the cherry on top. Head pastry chef Crystal Whitford shared a few secrets behind the creation of these scene-stealing cherry toppers. "We remove the pit from each cherry, replace it with a whole pistachio nut and dip the stemmed cherry into a chocolate bath,” she explained. The result is a rich, chocolaty, pistachio-y, flavor-explosion of sweet, cherry heaven.

After sampling one of O Face’s unique “Fork and Knife” creations, any deep-fried dough lover would agree: these are not the doughnuts we grew up eating. Now it takes more than neon sprinkles and exotic fillings to impress today's savvy, epicurean consumers. It’s clear that a modern doughnut renaissance is upon us and innovation has never tasted so sweet.

O Face Doughnuts
124 S 6th Street, Suite 140

Cherry Pistachio Doughnut

Cherry Pistachio Doughnut