Additional investments and operations

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9th Bridge

9th Bridge School is an innovative early childhood / elementary school that focuses on creativity and entrepreneurship.  Students engage in hands-on and meaningful learning experiences through project-based learning, which incorporates academic and developmental content based on students’ interests.  Founded in 2013, 9th Bridge School is located in a historical building, which has been renovated to promote exploration, collaboration, and experiential learning.

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Life Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful is an inspirational company dedicated to helping people conquer their fears and chase their dreams. Its signature project, the Life is Beautiful Festival was founded in 2013 and launched in October of that same year as a highly successful lifestyle event featuring marquee musicians, chefs, artists and speakers. Held in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful Festival attracted more than 60,000 patrons in its first year, and is now branching out to an international online forum inspiring social change.

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Turntable Health

Turntable Health is a membership-model family doctor’s office unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We offer same-day appointments, no co-pays, free classes in our yoga studio, and an amazing care team of doctors, health coaches, and behavioral health specialists. Our focus is on keeping you well, not just treating you when you’re sick.

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Inspire Theater

Located at one of the most famous intersections in the world, INSPIRE is a one-of-a-kind community and event complex over a decade in the making—not to mention a bold step towards a brighter, more enriching and entertaining downtown. Intimate yet surprisingly expansive, its heart is the state-of-the art Inspire Theater. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of dynamic, idea-driven speaking and performance events, it’s perfect for private parties, small-scale productions, screenings and other special or corporate events.