Ann Pirone

Hello!  I’m Ann Pirone co-owner with my husband Fred Welch of Trikke Las Vegas and Trikke Academy!  We’ve been in the Trikke business for over 8 years.  We brought our business to Las Vegas four years ago and were immediately attracted to the revitalization happening in Downtown Las Vegas.  We’re original tenants to Container Park and run a Trikke Tours / Rentals / and Sales business.

We are in the process of restructuring our Trikke Academy business with a much more robust system that will allow us to expand the program, by connecting Trikke enthusiast to Trikke Professionals, Trainers, and Dealers throughout the country along with riding groups and through community outreach and engagement.

My husband (boyfriend at the time) encouraged me to take some time to explore my passions before getting another “job” after the company I was working for sold.  I’ve always been very passionate about the environment and nature, Electric Trikkes are a natural fit for me as an eco friendly transportation and exercise alternative for folks.  Because Trikke is also a niche market it has a fairly tight community.  I appreciate and value community and enjoy being able to support and connect folks with a similar passions. 

Trikke Academy and Trikke Las Vegas has always been community driven and our company culture revolves around that.  This is why Downtown Las Vegas has been such a great fit!

Before starting in a Trikke business I was a w2 employee with my first “job” at the age of 15.  I’ve primarily worked in Customers Service as a Manager of some sort.  As a business owner over the past 8 years I have had to learn every aspect of running a business from the smallest to the largest task.  It’s the most difficult and best “job” I’ve had all at the same time.  It’s all worth it because I’m a more well rounded person now, and I have much more self-confidence, which was lacking before.

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