Winky Wu

Winky Wu - Winky Designs

Hi I’m Winky Wu! I’m an accountant (CPA, MBA) by trade, but 5 years ago I saw a cool opportunity to help innovate the watch industry by creating chic yet affordable watches, so I gave up my Wall Street job to pursue my dream of designing and running my own business.

My goal is simply to create fun, functional and affordable fashion accessories for the young-at-heart! My design inspiration comes mainly from everyday happy and simple pleasures like fresh fruits, sweet desserts and cooling cocktails as you can see from my collections! It’s great because it really brings out the essence of joy and freshness into my products.  I started off with really colorful and interchangeable slap band watches, and have since branched off to a variety of other products such as jewelry, scarves, belts and bags.

5 years ago, I noticed that the watch market consisted of good quality expensive watches, or bad quality and cheap watches.  There was a gap that I could fill, so I started designing really affordable but high quality products for the people who want fashion that doesn’t break the bank! All our watches are water-resistant and made with a high quality Japanese Seiko movement.

My company culture promotes entrepreneurial spirit with all my employees! We encourage our salespeople to do more than sales and everyone who is interested in developing their skills get to learn more about what it’s like to run a small business, through one-on-one mentorships.

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